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2kWh Lithium Battery Pack Chevrolet Volt - 47V/47Ah/12 cells

$385.00 each

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Chevrolet Volt EV

47V / 2kWh Battery pack 





Contains 12 cells, each pack is 47Ah - nominal 45V, max voltage for each module 49V

Each cell is nominal 3.7V - Max voltage 4.15V - Measured 47Ah.

Continuous current 200A, short time 350A 

(Lid and orange connector cable - included)


Good for eBike, Golf carts, EV Conversion


Made in USA by LG Chem.

This is not a LiFePo4 battery. 

Shipping to continental U.S.A. with FedEx Ground.

Please contact us for a customized shipping quote, for shipping to other locations, and for orders of more than 1 block.


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