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Vectrix Lithium Conversion 9kWh Battery Pack 136V/60Ah

$2,195.00 each

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60Ah  136V nominal (151V Max voltage)

Rated 9kWh, usable 8.2kWh

(suitable for a Vectrix - VX-1 conversion)

Contains 18 modules - 7.6V/min 60Ah each
(36 lithium cells 3.8V/min 60Ah)

Modules made for LEAF EV CAR 2013-2015 - second generation


Also included in the pack:

- side compression brackets,

- threaded rods 6mm,

- harness with bus bars and wires for BMS,

- two high power cables.


The shipping will be calculated in addition to the listed price.

The offered here freight shipping is for the assembled pack to a business address within the continental US. Special delivery fees will be assessed for other addresses.

Shipping to Europe - the pack could be shipped only disassembled according to IATA regulations. The brackets and harness will be shipped in an additional box. The batteries will be shipped in 3 boxes - Air Freight. 

We encourage our clients to contact us before ordering for a specific shipping quote.


Professional installation and connection is recommended.

Use of a BMS and suitable charger (not included in the pack) should be considered.


Battery pack size:

24" long - without the side brackets (24" assembled), 13" wide with the harness, 8.75" height

Weight 72kg - 158lb (battery modules only)

Shipping weight 86kg - 190lb + packaging/pallet/crate



* WARNING: This product requires advanced knowledge of electronics, lithium batteries, high voltage. It is DIY / Hobby product - not CONSUMER or PLUG & PLAY PRODUCT.  However, we are not able to provide instructions or guide how to install on specific golf cart or device. By purchasing you acknowledge that you have all the necessary knowledge and experience to operate with high and low voltage electricity, lithium batteries, installing, testing, diagnostic electrical components, using computer software, WiFi.



Number of cells 4
Construction 2 in-series pairs in parallel
Length 11.9291" (303 mm)
Width 8.7795" (223 mm)
Thickness 1.3779" (35 mm)
Weight 8.1571 lbs. (3.7 kgs)
Output terminal M6 nut
Voltage sensing terminal M4 nut
Module fixing hole diameter 0.3582" (9.1 mm)



Cell type Laminate type
Cathode material LiMn2O4 with LiNiO2
Anode material Graphite
Rated capacity (0.3C) 33.1 Ah
Average voltage 3.8 V
Length 11.417" (290 mm)
Width 8.504" (216 mm)
Thickness 0.2795" (7.1mm)
Weight 1.7624 lbs (799 g)

 * WARNING: This product requires advanced knowledge of electronics, batteries, wiring, high voltage. Not Consumer or Plug & Play product. This is a DIY / Hobby product - requires installing and maintenance by the buyer/operator. TERMS AND CONDITIONS

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